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Sun-Hye on Adler Fashion Identity Coaching

August 10, 2017

Ms. Sun-Hye is an MVP winning saleswoman at Samsung.

I signed up to learn about my best fashion style & personality because I meet a lot of clients throughout the week. I am a results driven person so spending time to look great isn’t usually on my radar. However, a few weeks before Jessica called me, I was mistaken by another woman whom I had just met, and this woman treated me with so much disrespect just based on how I dressed that day. This is fairly a common thing in Korean culture, and so I was more invested in looking the part. Due to my busy schedule, I’d been gaining weight also, so I hoped to learn something from her coaching.

The most useful thing I found from this coaching was  that a) I cleaned out my closet immediately upon returning and got rid of all the not-so-good clothes, b) I invested in higher quality suits now that I knew what to look for, c) my hair is easy to style and I love having my signature look with my sunglasses, and d) I really gained a lot of skills with makeup. My husband loved me looking so feminine and alluring, and couldn’t stop praising me… I have a lot of award winning photo moments, and I used to wear black and white a lot to look sharp and professional for those, but now, I feel like I have more choices in looking fabulous!

After our sessions, Jessica recommended me the perfect shade of lipstick that is really hard to find. The makeup products she picked out for me are perfect for my highspeed lifestyle… as I usually do my makeup in the subway or taxi on my commute to work. I also had a breeze on my shopping with Jessica; the saleswoman at the boutique was an elderly lady and kept giving me clothes that didn’t really feel right to me. With the information that we gained from the Adler test, Jessica was able to whizz through the shop and recommend me the best styles for work and for my weekend leisure.

Sun-Hye from the shopping day...

Sun-Hye from the shopping day…

Sun-Hye's Photo Shoot after she bought her suits~

Sun-Hye’s Photo Shoot after she bought her suits~