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Sarah Charrois on Adler Fashion Identity Coaching

September 14, 2017

Sarah is a mother & a certified makeup artist.

I first came to see Jessica a few months ago now. I was very confused about who I was as a person and who I was in the fashion world. I had no real sense of self or my identity which was clearly displayed in my style. I felt bad about myself inside and out. It was very frustrating for me and affected all of my close relationships.

After some detailed work through memories, tests, and some trial and error, I have become more self aware. I’m learning to heal from past wounds, let go of the baggage that isn’t mine and learn how to express this in my own style. I’ve always known what I do not like. However, knowing what I DO like has been my biggest challenge for years. I’m starting to learn what I enjoy both in life and in my style-clothing wise and decorating wise.

It’s remarkable on how freeing this experience is. The freedom to come to know yourself, your expressions, who you are at your core, is such a gift. My self expression has been stifled for so many years that I was virtually lost. Jessica has been so patient with me on days where I wiffle-waffled, protested, questioned and then questioned some more. I recommend her to everyone I can. She’s changed my life!


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