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Group Coaching – Gangnam Upcyclers

December 8, 2016


November 2016 Group Coaching was held in-house at Heeyoung Bldg.  Fifteen participants discovered their Adler Fashion Identity during the workshop.

Demonstrations were given to some of the Upcycling class members and many lively discussions were held.

Here are some of the comments from the workshop:

“This test really confirmed me!! The descriptions about what I like and dislike were SO SO TRUE…! I think I know what my husband’s type is too~!”

“I’ve been going through a slightly depressive phase past few years. I didn’t realize I was wearing the colors that were not right for my identity! I felt a lot of hope and inspiration today. I’m going to make a few changes and start with getting a new hairstyle. I learnt so much today!”

“I came here today with my friend and we had a really fun time. What the Adler Identity Test scores turned out to be were eerily true for both of us. We laughed so much at each others’ results because we both knew these were accurate.”

“Jessica was so lively and enthusiastic during the whole workshop. The visuals helped me understand my style better. I like that she made us laugh a lot.”

“The psychology part was great, but my favorite part was the demonstrations in front. It really made a difference. Just seeing the images on the screen then seeing live models I could really begin to see how true the system was.”

“I’m quite impressed. I am a color consultant myself but it was fascinating to hear about this new development. I would like to see more from Ms. Ahn’s work.”

The workshop ended with everyone feeling highly energized and eager to test their family members. Thank you President Kim and Director Jeong for organizing this event.

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