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Group Coaching – Dreaming Pen Authors

November 10, 2016


Group Coaching held in October 2016
Suji D. C. Community Center

13 authors participated in this group coaching workshop. Coach Yang’s wife and two daughters joined us too.

Comments from the participants:

“I know Master Daniel Hur and greatly admire him and his dedication to our field. I heard about him training Adler Identity Coaches but it was my first time actually hearing what it was about. I’m enjoying what I’ve heard so far. I will follow up more for my own business coaching practice.”

“I’m not into fashion at all. I just put on whatever feels comfortable. But there were a lot of great points about how our Lifestyle Identities are different. I’m hoping that this will improve my chances in dating, LOL.”

“I really really loved this workshop! I’ve been reading about Adler’s work and some of Jessica’s writing but being here and seeing it as a whole sequenced presentation was really useful! I got so much out of this and I will go and buy myself a new dress! It’s a treat for my birthday~~”

“The presentation got me thinking a lot about my style and how I dress. I like to keep it simple and modern. The hairstyle suggestions made me reflect on my hairstyles since my teen years… and it was true. My best hairstyles that I got my best compliments on truly matched what was said in the workshop.”

“My daughters benefited a lot from this workshop today. They are so different from each other and I knew this but I didn’t know how fashion could be customized to their personalities. I usually wear what my wife buys me. But maybe from now on, I’ll try some things on my own to see how I like them.”

“Listening to how the Identities differ and what is best for me had me mentally sort through the clothes I had at home… So I know bright colors do work well for me. I have some things I can get rid of no worries attached. I also enjoyed the gift giving tips. It will be nice to use this bit of information for my husband and me.”

“I’m usually drawn to two different styles… but today I felt it was affirming for me to know which style was the best fit and which style wasn’t. I think I’ll wear my hair a little differently going forward. My best takeaway from this is how much my husband lit up when I was modeling for the live demonstration.”

“I’m also not fussy about my fashion. My wife does a good job of dressing me. Now I’ll give her all the information from this workshop and she’ll pick out the best designs for me. Easy!”

“I have a daughter who is going through a tough rebellious phase. I hope she can take this assessment because she seems to be a bit lost and in a place where she lacks direction and motivation.”

“Hearing about the metal colors was a totally new idea for me. I never considered them much before. I look forward to presenting myself in a more polished style for my job. This is good information to have.”

Thank you Coach Yang and Ms. Shin for organizing a smooth event!

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