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Master Coach Hur on Adler Fashion Identity Coaching

July 13, 2017

Daniel Hur is a Master Coach and a Visionary Leader.

Jessica did the Fashion Coaching (she tells me it’s now called DAZZLE) for all of the Adler coaches this Summer. We asked for a presentation and she came in with a lot of bags and clothes. After watching the slide presentation, we got straight into the demonstration phase. Because we knew our scores for Adler Identity, she said she wouldn’t waste time on that portion.

The women got so excited actually. Men were very curious too. We had not made the connection of the Adler Identities to fashion, until Jessica told us about her research since 2011. The demonstrations were helpful to us because we could immediately feel what she was trying to explain to us. It was quite funny too because we were all familiar with our personality types, and she started making lighthearted jokes as she showed us what styles went with each type. Everyone burst out laughing when she put on a scarf and necklace on one of our male coaches, Coach Bae, because he looked great but he also looked like an Indian Chief!

We really had a fun time with Jessica, and we are excited to have a Fashion & Lifestyle extension to our core services. I’ve been asked to share a before and after pic so here they are. Thanks Jessica. Thanks for the shirt too! I really do feel at home in it!

Daniel's Before Pic

Daniel’s Before Pic

Daniel's After Pic

Daniel’s After Pic

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