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Chef Ahn, Jae-Seung

March 9, 2017

My mother invited me to try the Adler Fashion Identity Coaching session. She said that as a future business owner, this would help me in branding myself. I am currently a sous-chef but would like to own my own restaurant.

Jessica gave me an assessment. It didn’t take long to answer the 16 questions. She calculated some scores and proceeded to tell me what my Adler Lifestyle Identity was. Mine was Control Seeking Identity and it fit me to a tee. My mother was present at the session and she really soaked up what was being said of me.

I’ve always had my own style and stuck to my own aesthetics. The session didn’t change what I was doing with my style, but the articulation was a thing of beauty. And the words used to describe my motivations and way of thinking, what attitudes I have might cause friction at work… those kinds of things really matter to me.

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