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May 11, 2017

CEO and Fashion Designer of ANS MODE has been dressing women for decades from her Chungdam-dong boutique. With two of her Miss Korea daughters, the family obviously lives and breathes Great Taste.

Madame ANS took the Adler Identity Assessment and the color palette presented to her surprised her. She was visibly excited and shared a photo she took earlier in the morning at a gallery exhibit that closely matched her Adler Fashion Identity’s Colors.

Madame ANS also shared how her search for her own ‘Beauty’ as a young woman had actually led her to this path of designing chic and practical garments for women. It was not an easy road initially, but she said that over time, she figured out her own style. Through a lot of trial and error.

The private consultation was concluded with curiosity about what kind of Fashion Identity her daughter may have, as she is to succeed the Fashion House in the future.

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