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Sarah Charrois on Adler Fashion Identity Coaching

September 14, 2017

Sarah is a mother & a certified makeup artist.

I first came to see Jessica a few months ago now. I was very confused about who I was as a person and who I was in the fashion world. I had no real sense of self or my identity which was clearly displayed in my style. I felt bad about myself inside and out. It was very frustrating for me and affected all of my close relationships.

After some detailed work through memories, tests, and some trial and error, I have become more self aware. I’m learning to heal from past wounds, let go of the baggage that isn’t mine and learn how to express this in my own style. I’ve always known what I do not like. However, knowing what I DO like has been my biggest challenge for years. I’m starting to learn what I enjoy both in life and in my style-clothing wise and decorating wise.

It’s remarkable on how freeing this experience is. The freedom to come to know yourself, your expressions, who you are at your core, is such a gift. My self expression has been stifled for so many years that I was virtually lost. Jessica has been so patient with me on days where I wiffle-waffled, protested, questioned and then questioned some more. I recommend her to everyone I can. She’s changed my life!


Sun-Hye on Adler Fashion Identity Coaching

August 10, 2017

Ms. Sun-Hye is an MVP winning saleswoman at Samsung.

I signed up to learn about my best fashion style & personality because I meet a lot of clients throughout the week. I am a results driven person so spending time to look great isn’t usually on my radar. However, a few weeks before Jessica called me, I was mistaken by another woman whom I had just met, and this woman treated me with so much disrespect just based on how I dressed that day. This is fairly a common thing in Korean culture, and so I was more invested in looking the part. Due to my busy schedule, I’d been gaining weight also, so I hoped to learn something from her coaching.

The most useful thing I found from this coaching was  that a) I cleaned out my closet immediately upon returning and got rid of all the not-so-good clothes, b) I invested in higher quality suits now that I knew what to look for, c) my hair is easy to style and I love having my signature look with my sunglasses, and d) I really gained a lot of skills with makeup. My husband loved me looking so feminine and alluring, and couldn’t stop praising me… I have a lot of award winning photo moments, and I used to wear black and white a lot to look sharp and professional for those, but now, I feel like I have more choices in looking fabulous!

After our sessions, Jessica recommended me the perfect shade of lipstick that is really hard to find. The makeup products she picked out for me are perfect for my highspeed lifestyle… as I usually do my makeup in the subway or taxi on my commute to work. I also had a breeze on my shopping with Jessica; the saleswoman at the boutique was an elderly lady and kept giving me clothes that didn’t really feel right to me. With the information that we gained from the Adler test, Jessica was able to whizz through the shop and recommend me the best styles for work and for my weekend leisure.

Sun-Hye from the shopping day...

Sun-Hye from the shopping day…

Sun-Hye's Photo Shoot after she bought her suits~

Sun-Hye’s Photo Shoot after she bought her suits~

Master Coach Hur on Adler Fashion Identity Coaching

July 13, 2017

Daniel Hur is a Master Coach and a Visionary Leader.

Jessica did the Fashion Coaching (she tells me it’s now called DAZZLE) for all of the Adler coaches this Summer. We asked for a presentation and she came in with a lot of bags and clothes. After watching the slide presentation, we got straight into the demonstration phase. Because we knew our scores for Adler Identity, she said she wouldn’t waste time on that portion.

The women got so excited actually. Men were very curious too. We had not made the connection of the Adler Identities to fashion, until Jessica told us about her research since 2011. The demonstrations were helpful to us because we could immediately feel what she was trying to explain to us. It was quite funny too because we were all familiar with our personality types, and she started making lighthearted jokes as she showed us what styles went with each type. Everyone burst out laughing when she put on a scarf and necklace on one of our male coaches, Coach Bae, because he looked great but he also looked like an Indian Chief!

We really had a fun time with Jessica, and we are excited to have a Fashion & Lifestyle extension to our core services. I’ve been asked to share a before and after pic so here they are. Thanks Jessica. Thanks for the shirt too! I really do feel at home in it!

Daniel's Before Pic

Daniel’s Before Pic

Daniel's After Pic

Daniel’s After Pic

Philip on Adler Fashion Identity Coaching & Wardrobe Audit

June 15, 2017

Philip is a business & life coach for CEOs and managers.

I hired Jessica for a Zen makeover of my wardrobe and home office. I told her I wasn’t into any of her Fashion services. I’m not a fashion kind of person. We were about half way through the wardrobe, clearing things out and she taught me how to fold the KonMari way, when we came across some of my sweaters from Winter. The plan was to move them all into the basement and bring out the Spring and Summer clothes. She asked me which of my sweaters I wore often, and which ones I didn’t reach for much. I showed her my brown one which I got very cheaply at a store I normally don’t go to. But somehow, this was the one I kept wearing a lot and got complimented on.

Jessica held the sweater and told me what the design lines and textures and patterns meant to me, based on my Adler Identity Assessment. She said that this had the exact alignment to my Primary and Secondary Identities, and that is why it fits so well for me, both for my image and for expressing my personality. I told her that one of the reasons why I love it so much is because it’s easy to wash and dry. She said that because of my dominant Superiority Seeking Identity, I do much better with the textured knits as opposed to finer knits. This was all new information for me.

She went on to organize my main wardrobe, and thanks to her, I finally moved out some of the big boxes that belonged to my wife that I was procrastinating on asking her about. We separated the wardrobes completely! And only the bags and hats that are used frequently were kept in the main wardrobe.

After realizing what my best style was and wasn’t, I was able to let go of huge chunks of unworn stuff. I was holding on to a lot of white silk shirts that I never wore. I just kept them because they were the expensive ones. But truth be told, I really have no use for them and they just took up space in my wardrobe. The worn out Tshirts and socks, unused ties were all removed too. I sent two boxes of things to a friend in Jeju Island.

With the home office, I was most surprised that I could get cash for the unwanted books. And she streamlined my bookshelf and helped me categorize my books in a wholly new way. She had said that given my Identity, I need my home office to look like a cockpit of an airplane and I loved that idea! I’m quite a book collector, but never thought of using my bookshelves as a way of organizing my thoughts. Now, my wall to wall bookshelf is organized for my immediate coaching related books and files, Buddhist reference books in the middle, and my personal study and meditation CDs on the right. She said to hold only the books I will study in the coming year or two should be put into my personal study section. This way, I could visually track how many of the books I set goals for were being read.

I’m very pleased with the outcomes of this consultation. And I hope she continues to surprise me with her insights & services!

Zen Makeover for Wardrobe - before and after pic

Zen Makeover for Wardrobe – before and after pic

Wardrobe Audit

Wardrobe Audit

Wardrobe Audit

Wardrobe Audit

Wardrobe Audit

Wardrobe Audit


May 11, 2017

CEO and Fashion Designer of ANS MODE has been dressing women for decades from her Chungdam-dong boutique. With two of her Miss Korea daughters, the family obviously lives and breathes Great Taste.

Madame ANS took the Adler Identity Assessment and the color palette presented to her surprised her. She was visibly excited and shared a photo she took earlier in the morning at a gallery exhibit that closely matched her Adler Fashion Identity’s Colors.

Madame ANS also shared how her search for her own ‘Beauty’ as a young woman had actually led her to this path of designing chic and practical garments for women. It was not an easy road initially, but she said that over time, she figured out her own style. Through a lot of trial and error.

The private consultation was concluded with curiosity about what kind of Fashion Identity her daughter may have, as she is to succeed the Fashion House in the future.

Sophia on Adler Fashion Identity Coaching

April 13, 2017

I’m a mother of three boys and most days I just don’t have the time or energy to focus much on how I dress. Most days, I’m just exhausted. I am very thorough about researching what I buy and this can take hours and hours, and often turns into weeks of research and comparing.

After receiving my Fashion Identity Report, I am now able to just breeze through the isles and look at what’s offered and make quick decisions about what fits my lifestyle and my style needs. I was at Uniqlo the other day and there were 5 or 6 leggings on display. It took me 10 seconds to pick out the 4 that I needed!

Jessica helped me clear out my wardrobe too and I learnt why I wasn’t wearing certain items that felt like a great idea when I bought them. A lot of those unworn things were ‘cute styles’ and I never really wear them. That’s not my style!

I’m a bit of a hoarder too, but now that I know my style and what I will actually wear, it’s getting easier to throw things out.

Chef Ahn, Jae-Seung

March 9, 2017

My mother invited me to try the Adler Fashion Identity Coaching session. She said that as a future business owner, this would help me in branding myself. I am currently a sous-chef but would like to own my own restaurant.

Jessica gave me an assessment. It didn’t take long to answer the 16 questions. She calculated some scores and proceeded to tell me what my Adler Lifestyle Identity was. Mine was Control Seeking Identity and it fit me to a tee. My mother was present at the session and she really soaked up what was being said of me.

I’ve always had my own style and stuck to my own aesthetics. The session didn’t change what I was doing with my style, but the articulation was a thing of beauty. And the words used to describe my motivations and way of thinking, what attitudes I have might cause friction at work… those kinds of things really matter to me.

Group Coaching – Gangnam Upcyclers

December 8, 2016


November 2016 Group Coaching was held in-house at Heeyoung Bldg.  Fifteen participants discovered their Adler Fashion Identity during the workshop.

Demonstrations were given to some of the Upcycling class members and many lively discussions were held.

Here are some of the comments from the workshop:

“This test really confirmed me!! The descriptions about what I like and dislike were SO SO TRUE…! I think I know what my husband’s type is too~!”

“I’ve been going through a slightly depressive phase past few years. I didn’t realize I was wearing the colors that were not right for my identity! I felt a lot of hope and inspiration today. I’m going to make a few changes and start with getting a new hairstyle. I learnt so much today!”

“I came here today with my friend and we had a really fun time. What the Adler Identity Test scores turned out to be were eerily true for both of us. We laughed so much at each others’ results because we both knew these were accurate.”

“Jessica was so lively and enthusiastic during the whole workshop. The visuals helped me understand my style better. I like that she made us laugh a lot.”

“The psychology part was great, but my favorite part was the demonstrations in front. It really made a difference. Just seeing the images on the screen then seeing live models I could really begin to see how true the system was.”

“I’m quite impressed. I am a color consultant myself but it was fascinating to hear about this new development. I would like to see more from Ms. Ahn’s work.”

The workshop ended with everyone feeling highly energized and eager to test their family members. Thank you President Kim and Director Jeong for organizing this event.

Group Coaching – Dreaming Pen Authors

November 10, 2016


Group Coaching held in October 2016
Suji D. C. Community Center

13 authors participated in this group coaching workshop. Coach Yang’s wife and two daughters joined us too.

Comments from the participants:

“I know Master Daniel Hur and greatly admire him and his dedication to our field. I heard about him training Adler Identity Coaches but it was my first time actually hearing what it was about. I’m enjoying what I’ve heard so far. I will follow up more for my own business coaching practice.”

“I’m not into fashion at all. I just put on whatever feels comfortable. But there were a lot of great points about how our Lifestyle Identities are different. I’m hoping that this will improve my chances in dating, LOL.”

“I really really loved this workshop! I’ve been reading about Adler’s work and some of Jessica’s writing but being here and seeing it as a whole sequenced presentation was really useful! I got so much out of this and I will go and buy myself a new dress! It’s a treat for my birthday~~”

“The presentation got me thinking a lot about my style and how I dress. I like to keep it simple and modern. The hairstyle suggestions made me reflect on my hairstyles since my teen years… and it was true. My best hairstyles that I got my best compliments on truly matched what was said in the workshop.”

“My daughters benefited a lot from this workshop today. They are so different from each other and I knew this but I didn’t know how fashion could be customized to their personalities. I usually wear what my wife buys me. But maybe from now on, I’ll try some things on my own to see how I like them.”

“Listening to how the Identities differ and what is best for me had me mentally sort through the clothes I had at home… So I know bright colors do work well for me. I have some things I can get rid of no worries attached. I also enjoyed the gift giving tips. It will be nice to use this bit of information for my husband and me.”

“I’m usually drawn to two different styles… but today I felt it was affirming for me to know which style was the best fit and which style wasn’t. I think I’ll wear my hair a little differently going forward. My best takeaway from this is how much my husband lit up when I was modeling for the live demonstration.”

“I’m also not fussy about my fashion. My wife does a good job of dressing me. Now I’ll give her all the information from this workshop and she’ll pick out the best designs for me. Easy!”

“I have a daughter who is going through a tough rebellious phase. I hope she can take this assessment because she seems to be a bit lost and in a place where she lacks direction and motivation.”

“Hearing about the metal colors was a totally new idea for me. I never considered them much before. I look forward to presenting myself in a more polished style for my job. This is good information to have.”

Thank you Coach Yang and Ms. Shin for organizing a smooth event!

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